Community Business and Vested Endorsements

Mary Johnson, President, International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers 

"As an organization we are in favor of upgrades to Pioneer Park , specifically the historic flavor so that the historic elements are there for the people to see as they visit the park, making it a safer park for the public to visit. It is important that we let people know the importance of this particular park to the settlement and beginning of this great state and in honor of those first pioneers who lived there. "

Bette Barton, First Vice President, International Society Daughters of Utah Daughters

 “It is the objective of our organization to persevere pioneer history.  Pioneer Park was the first fort in the Salt Lake valley and is a very important element of our pioneer history.  It would be terrible if it were not carried fourth.” 


O. Merlene Olsen Moss, President, Daughters of Utah Pioneers Davis Farmington Company

 “The Daughters of Utah Pioneers are so appreciative of plans of improvement and upgrading of Pioneer Park . Please continue funding from the City Council to include all that is being considered for this park.  We encourage historical monuments to be included such as the Nauvoo bell, Pioneer Fort, Daughters of Utah Pioneers, etc.”

Aleka DiLauro, Executive Director Greek Orthodox Church of Greater Salt Lake (History)

 We would love to see the improvement of the property surrounding our historic Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral become a priority in City planning and supported by allocations of funds.”

Peter Cole, Owner of Squatters Pub Brewery

 I wholeheartedly support the running track, the improvements for the Farmers’ Market and the fenced off-leash dog park.  I sincerely hope we, as a community, are able to make further improvements in the future. 

Arthur Holman, General Manager, Residence Inn by Marriott

 “Phase one is a good starting point to change the Park's image; however, it will be necessary to also fund Phases two and three to fully accomplish the Park transformation.  It is my opinion that Phase one is not enough to transform the activity in and the image of the Park.  The Park will need additional programming, additional facilities, and wholesome activities and visitors to become welcoming to our hotel guests, hotel employees, and neighborhood residents.”   

Michael Place, Owner of Western Nut Company

 “It would be very nearsighted to not continue with phase two and three of the improvements of Pioneer Park as well as the continuation to the beautification of Broadway Boulevard .  This quadrant needs the continued support from the City for those people who are relocating back to the downtown.  I am willing to contribute some money and will solicit contributions from other business owners.”    

Adrian Comollo, Director, Italian Center of the West

 “Due to our close proximity, the Italian Center of the West is deeply invested in the success of Pioneer Park .  We are completely supportive of the current improvements, particularly the bocce courts and the WiFi computer access.  We hope the City continues to make improvement to the park because if the park is successful, we believe our center will be successful as well.”

William Bancroft, Owner, Residence Inn by Marriott

 "I now have renewed hope for Pioneer Park ! I absolutely support continued funding beyond this first tranche. In the long run, I believe, we will actually save money with less police patrols, crime, etc."

Michael D.S. Mack, Managing Director, Convention & Client Services Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau

 “I am a big fan of Pioneer Park and I think it is an important gathering place with an even greater potential if cared for and rehabilitated.  I am wholly in favor of funding to revive and improve Pioneer Park and I ask for your support of funding measures to do so.”

Michael Hatch, 300 South condominium owner and resident

 "I would hope that the funds to improve an already beautiful park can be raised sooner rather than later. As the area grows with development, Pioneer Park will need to have certain amenities already in place. It would be a shame to lose momentum on this project. Adding the infrastructure needed to allow for week-long and year long activities and helping to give the park a unique identity will solve the park's main problem: the stigma the park carries."

Allan Ainsworth, Director, Fourth Street Clinic

 “I want to make sure that homeless people feel welcome and comfortable with all the activities in the park and nothing that we do in terms of the various phases preclude the homeless people from using the park.  I am in favor of zero tolerance for drug sells and usage in the park and greater community activity to keep it wholesome.”

Matt Minkevitch, Director, Road Home, Salt Lake City ’s shelter

 “We at the Road Home appreciate the value that Pioneer Park adds to our community.  We advocate for exclusivity that the park is available to law-abiding members of our community experiencing homelessness.  We support the City’s efforts to encourage increased usage of the park, as well as their efforts to eradicate illegal activity therein.” 

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