Pioneer Park Plans
Stages I through III
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Approval Stages
Stage I has been approved by the Salt Lake City Council.  

Construction is scheduled to begin  2007.

Stage I: Building on Success

Promenade, Entry Plazas, Granite Pathway, Sidewalks, Dog Park

Stage II has not been approved.  

Please write your council member.  Pioneer Park resides in Council Member Nancy Saxton district.

Stage II: Changing Patterns of Use

Great Lawn, Cafe, Stage, New Restrooms, Tables, and Chairs 

Stage III has not been approved.  

Please write your council member or District I: Carlton Christensen

Distict II: Van Turner

District III: Eric Jergensen

District IV: Nancy Saxton

District V: Dave Buhler

District VI: Jill Remington Love

District VII: Søren Simonsen

 Stage III: Connecting to the Community

Historic: Playground, Bell Tower, Walkway; Heritage Gardens, Volleyball, Interpretive Signage