Salt Lake City Residents Quotes
Taken from the Pioneer Park Open House, Saturday April 16th.  Permission granted to post on website.
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Joshua - Neighborhood Resident

Comment: I love the proposed plans, we need to make the park attractive for people to use or it will remain a haven for the homeless and crime.  The more constant police presence only reinforces the belief that this is a bad neighborhood which should be avoided. If we can change use patterns then criminals will move.

 Therese -Neighborhood Business Owner

Comment: Keep the trees! Glad to hear they are protected. I believe a stronger police force (i.e. Bike cops) would be a simple solution to the drug problem in the park. As to the stage, what about Triad Center ? Just blocks away/unused. Regardless, Iím excited for the park. I think its future is bright.

Steve - Local Citizen

Comment: I love this park and support every effort to continue its improvement. The proposed plan is very exciting and you have my full support to contribute the full amount of funds for its 100 % build out.

Name: Fae -Neighborhood Resident

Comment: Please put the historical section in Phase 1.

Name: Justin Johnson- SLC Resident

Comment: Please include a running/walking path at Pioneer Park similar to the path at Liberty Park .

Name: Angela SLC resident

Comment: Iíd like to see us keep as many or all of the old trees. The plan is too symmetrical in its new planting. Maintain tennis courts. Look into year round farmers market with designated structure!

Pseudo Name: Alex -neighborhood resident

Comment: Other things equal, Iíd love to see the tennis court stay. The only reason I donít use it is why I donít us the park period. Itís in disrepair and largely occupied by homeless people. Were the park fixed up, Iíd use it, including the tennis court.

Name: Jesse Garcia   - SLC Resident

Comment: Parks looks good thanks to employees.

Name: Shirley- SLC Resident

Comment: Past history must be remembered. To commercialize would be not a good idea. Businesses can be around the park. This is public; even the homeless have a right to be here! The city should spend less money on the park and more to help the homeless.

Name: Carole -SLC Resident

Comment: Thrilled with the concept. An important project for no only the city but the state.

Name- Britni- SLC Resident
Comment: Please, please take the park through all 3 phases of development. Thank You!

Name: Bob -Neighborhood Resident

Comment: I would like to save tennis courts, I also like a lot of grass, please donít eliminate it. Also save playground equipment, my grandkids like it, Thanks